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    Mobile printer hardware cradle networks have interfaces for mobile printers, the interface features include charging contacts, I2C communication ports, Ethernet communication ports, and printer status detection ports. All printers on this cradle network will be set up via the I2C ports by the cradle network firmware,...
    IPCOM000249768D | 2017-Mar-31
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    Such degradation may be unseen by customers and may cause customers to incorrectly interpret that the whole terminal is inoperative, rather than just the antenna. The customer may then ship a working terminal back to a service depot, resulting in increased downtime and increase maintenance or warranty cost. This...
    IPCOM000249767D | 2017-Mar-31
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    This publication describes an advanced whipstock/milling assembly that features a keyseated guidance along the whip for the milling BHA and a hydraulic piston in the milling BHA that controls distance of whip to milling BHA in order to adjust BHA curvature and milling trajectory. It also describes the control...
    IPCOM000249766D | 2017-Mar-31
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    The cutter cradle for a mobile printer is designed as a clam shell with a cutter in the top cover. The bottom can support the mobile printer within a vibrating environment. There is a main board installed in the base that can communicate with the printer over I2C communication. Once the printer is loaded and the top...
    IPCOM000249765D | 2017-Mar-31
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    For MSR, it is necessary to swipe the card rather than holding it motionless in the card reader's slot, so that a change in magnetic flux can be obtained when the credit card is swiped. The magnetic stripe causes a varying magnetic flux and hence an induced current in the reader's circuits. If the card does not...
    IPCOM000249764D | 2017-Mar-31
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    Currently, fingerprint sensors are unilateral in that any fingerprint you scan will activate the same task, but because most users have 10 fingers, the mobile device could store independent fingerprints information for each finger. This would enable the mobile device to use each fingerprint to perform different...
    IPCOM000249763D | 2017-Mar-31
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    The proposed design idea relates to a mobile computer with a connected but detachable barcode scanner. The barcode scanner may be connected to the mobile computer through a port in the mobile computer. When the barcode scanner is physically disconnected, it automatically reconnects via a wireless communication...
    IPCOM000249762D | 2017-Mar-31
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    Many users when using Android devices access one or two apps more often than other apps that may also be installed on the Android device. Android devices have a default lock screen which unlocks the device and opens to a home screen if no application is running in the foreground. After unlocking to the home screen,...
    IPCOM000249761D | 2017-Mar-31
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    Online or in-store, typical electronic payments force users to expose their credentials while making the transactions. For example, a payer gives his card to a store associate to perform the transaction, the store associate then uses the NFC/Magnetic-strip/chip reader, the transaction is processed, and then the...
    IPCOM000249760D | 2017-Mar-31
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    A visual navigational element represents the complex set of security polices managed by a next generation firewall. This graphical tool aims to alleviate user confusion related to order of operations, policy intent, current activation state, policy scoping, and workflow continuity.
    IPCOM000249759D | 2017-Mar-31