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    An exhaust system for a coating furnace is filled with a particulate material effective to scrub exhaust gases without the detrimental effects of water filtering.
    IPCOM000249916D | 2017-Apr-28
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    IPCOM000249915D | 2017-Apr-28
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    This disclosure relates to an improved process of compounding radial truck tires (TBR) comprising adding hydrocarbon resin to the tread to reduce irregular tread wear performance without adverse effects on other tread properties, wherein the hydrocarbon resin is characterized by having a high storage modulus (G') at...
    IPCOM000249914D | 2017-Apr-28
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    This disclosure relates to methods for improving traction of tire tread in pneumatic tires via the addition of high Tg, low molecular weight hydrocarbon resin, sometimes referred to as blended compound modifiers.
    IPCOM000249913D | 2017-Apr-28
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    IPCOM000249912D | 2017-Apr-28
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    Arbitrarily large sequences of values pose a problem for JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) [RFC7159] that is well explained in the motivation for JSON text sequences [RFC7464]. The GeoJSON format [RFC7946] faces the same kind of problem. Geographic datasets often run to the tens of thousands or millions of features....
    IPCOM000249911D | Original Publication Date: 2017-Apr-01
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    A Uniform Resource Name (URN) is a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) [RFC3986] that is assigned under the "urn" URI scheme and a particular URN namespace, with the intent that the URN will be a persistent, location-independent resource identifier. A URN namespace is a collection of such URNs, each of which is (1)...
    IPCOM000249910D | Original Publication Date: 2017-Apr-01
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    A humidifier comprises hollow shell and humidifier core. The humidifier core includes a transfer sheet, a plurality of first channels, and a plurality of second channels. The transfer sheet comprises a permeable material having a plurality of sections and a plurality of layers of spacing materials. The plurality of...
    IPCOM000249909D | 2017-Apr-28
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    The typical boarding in a civil aircraft means passengers that are going through a jet bridge and the luggage is stowed with containers inside the cargo compartment below. We propose a blended wing body creating a new state of the art with respect to the aircraft layout. Herein, the cargo compartment would be on the...
    IPCOM000249908D | 2017-Apr-27
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    IPCOM000249907D | 2017-Apr-27