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    The present disclosure provides salts of omarigliptin, processes for their preparation, pharmaceutical compositions comprising these salts, and their use for the treatment of diabetes mellitus.
    IPCOM000250342D | 2017-Jun-30
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    IPCOM000250341D | 2017-Jun-30
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    Disclosed is a cognitive method to prioritize the loading of websites contained in separate browser tabs. The method not only allows the user to set a priority for each tab to open, but also automatically sets priorities based on the user’s current activity, communications, and schedule.
    IPCOM000250340D | 2017-Jun-29
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    The assembly comprising the base plate supports the edge guide such that the edge guide is parallel to the guide walls and at least one catcher piece is secured to the base plate between the edge guide and a guide wall, forming a catch plane defined between the edge guide, a guide wall, the head of the base plate, and...
    IPCOM000250339D | 2017-Jun-29
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    A turbine case is provided with a set of air swirlers located along its circumference that direct air flow into nozzle and shroud supply cavity of a turbine engine. The swirlers are cast together with the turbine case.
    IPCOM000250338D | 2017-Jun-29
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    A method is provided for automated structured blocking and meshing of a modeled element prior to CFD processing.
    IPCOM000250337D | 2017-Jun-29
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    By employing a naming convention for Image LUs, and a system of markers indicating uploads in progress, a given thread can determine if an Image LU for a given source image is already present on the SSP, or being created by another thread, even if that thread is on a different host. However, we also need to...
    IPCOM000250336D | 2017-Jun-29
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    A method for analyzing and prioritizing responses to a Request for Proposal (RFP) is disclosed.
    IPCOM000250335D | 2017-Jun-29
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    A method and system is disclosed for facilitating a fail-over support application based on cognitive analysis, wherein the cognitive analysis of the system includes but is not limited to identifying current mouse cursor location, user's current action and widgets the user has interacted with before an application has...
    IPCOM000250334D | 2017-Jun-29
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    IPCOM000250333D | 2017-Jun-29