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Month of July 2017 - Page Number 2

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    Disclosed is an early dummy contact process. The method forms an early source/drain (SD) contact based semiconductor transistor.
    IPCOM000250531D | 2017-Jul-28
  2. 12.
    Disclosed is a method to form an early source drain (SD) contact based semiconductor transistor. This method reduces the trench contact (TS) litho steps and produces lower contact resistance than the process on record does.
    IPCOM000250530D | 2017-Jul-28
  3. 13.
    IPCOM000250529D | 2017-Jul-28
  4. 14.
    IPCOM000250528D | 2017-Jul-28
  5. 15.
    Applying 3M Safety Walk #600 universal or #710 coarse series anti slip tapes* on ski to stay safer on the ski or changing direction when skiing or to create a safer and effective push before jumping. (* or similar products from 3M or from other suppliers/manufactures).
    IPCOM000250527D | 2017-Jul-27
  6. 16.
    Current Manufacturer Usage Description (MUD) protocols describe the security policies to be applied to Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints so that they cannot communicate with unexpected destinations. Since some vendors or endpoints do not support MUD, data analytics techniques may be used to generate MUD policies for...
    IPCOM000250526D | 2017-Jul-27
  7. 17.
    A user interface allows users to define access policies in a natural language-like and human-readable sentence by assembling various business-level building blocks (widgets) together. In the background (transparent to the user), the system maps these high-level constructs to low-level attributes and logic.
    IPCOM000250525D | 2017-Jul-27
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    Gemäß der hierin beschriebenen Weiterentwicklung ist vorgesehen, einen Filtereinsatz mit einem integrierten Reinluftstutzen auszustatten. Dies wird dadurch erreicht, dass ein Filterbalg in einen Kunststoffrahmen eingebettet ist, wobei benachbart zu dem Filterbalg eine wannenartige Vertiefung in dem Kunststoffrahmen...
    IPCOM000250524D | 2017-Jul-27
  9. 19.
    IPCOM000250523D | 2017-Jul-27
  10. 20.
    IPCOM000250522D | 2017-Jul-27