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    Hydraulic / hydrostatic packer is set as past of initial run-in and fracturing. Re-active element packer is set based on time and fluid exposure and temp. Based on time and fluid exposure and temperature which can handle higher pressure differntials than the initially set hydraulic hydrostatic packer.
    IPCOM000250511D | 2017-Jul-26
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    1) Carry sandface equipment in with frac string/control lines attached. 2) Set packers 3) Open bottom frac valve, then frac, then close frac valve 4) Open top frac valve, then frac, then close frac valve 5) Pull out of hole 6) Clean up trip 7) Run IPS, upper completion; this trip opens production valves
    IPCOM000250510D | 2017-Jul-26
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    Thermomechanical cuttings cleaning (TCC) has been available for multiple years, using the heat generated by a friction mechanism to evaporate the oil and water present at the surface of drilling cuttings. This paper describes how the distillation properties of the base oils and the composition of the cuttings...
    IPCOM000250509D | 2017-Jul-26
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    A method is disclosed for locating key pieces of missing information in unstructured text using text analytics.
    IPCOM000250508D | 2017-Jul-26
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    A method and system is disclosed for allowing a user to locate and interact with physical items or products in a physical area by using natural language processing (NLP) techniques.
    IPCOM000250507D | 2017-Jul-26
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    This article explores a method to automatically tune and optimize optical transceiver power consumption used for connections within or between data center environments.
    IPCOM000250506D | 2017-Jul-26
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    IPCOM000250505D | 2017-Jul-26
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    It can be troublesome for an operator to correlate a BGP-4 [RFC4271] session teardown in the network with a notice that was transmitted via offline methods such as email or telephone calls. This document updates [RFC4486] by specifying a mechanism to transmit a short freeform UTF-8 [RFC3629] message as part of a...
    IPCOM000250504D | Original Publication Date: 2017-Jul-01
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    A DNS negative cache exists, and is used to cache the fact that an RRset does not exist. This method of negative caching requires exact matching; this leads to unnecessary additional lookups, increases latency, leads to extra resource utilization on both authoritative and recursive servers, and decreases privacy by...
    IPCOM000250503D | Original Publication Date: 2017-Jul-01
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    This document sets out the problem statement for Interface to Network Security Functions (I2NSF) and outlines some use cases. A summary of the state of the art in the industry and IETF that is relevant to I2NSF work is documented in [I2NSF-ANALYSIS].
    IPCOM000250502D | Original Publication Date: 2017-Jul-01