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    IPCOM000250481D | 2017-Jul-25
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    IPCOM000250480D | 2017-Jul-25
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    IPCOM000250479D | 2017-Jul-25
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    This paper relates to systems/devices for protecting aircraft wings against hailstone
    IPCOM000250478D | 2017-Jul-25
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    BEMT (1) wird in verschiedenen Anwendungen eingesetzt. In einigen Anwendungsbereichen gibt es besonders hohe Anforderungen was die Reinheit betrifft. Insbesondere die Konzentration von Nebenprodukten, sowie der Gehalt an L√∂sungsmittelresten m√ľssen durch geeignete Herstellungsverfahren und Reinigungsverfahren genau...
    IPCOM000250477D | 2017-Jul-24
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    Use of an electromagnet which has a spring loaded mandrel passing thru the center, where a controller will allow current to flow, energizing the magnet which will cycle the mandrel upwards opening a valve allowing passage of fluid, then shut off allowing the spring to move the mandrel in the opposite direction,...
    IPCOM000250476D | 2017-Jul-24
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    This tool uses an internal Flowtube to feed and discharge high pressure fluid through it to move a piston back and forth along the feed tube. The design can be such to where the piston strikes the bottom sub at the lower end of its travel. Such action causes a vibrational motion of the tool and the string it is in,...
    IPCOM000250475D | 2017-Jul-24
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    After a well has been fracked rather than mill out the plugs in the well all of the plugs are flowed back to surface. This is accomplished by using frac plugs that do not have upper slips. By flowing back the well, at the appropriate rate, the plug can be brought to surface through a plug retriever. The plugs are then...
    IPCOM000250474D | 2017-Jul-24
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    Adoption of simple association rules to detect when teleconference has been ended and screen sharing is still active.
    IPCOM000250473D | 2017-Jul-24
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    This article describes a system and method for supporting a content author in search-optimizing content in a content management and delivery system. It does so by evaluating the content against stored historic queries to highlight the ones that the content matches best, thus providing a starting point for...
    IPCOM000250472D | 2017-Jul-24