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    Proposed method is for increasing number of followers by identifying interests of followers and cross-checking them with worldwide, regional or country trends to suggests text content and hashtags for new posts. Two phase systems which in phase one learns what your followers are interested in and what are the most...
    IPCOM000250471D | 2017-Jul-24
  2. 72.
    The article describes a solution that increases the level of pedestrian safety while crossing the road in front of stopped vehicle by alerting another drivers with visual signs projected on the road surface.
    IPCOM000250470D | 2017-Jul-24
  3. 73.
    Chatrooms, such as Sametime Chatrooms, provide a means for real time textual communication between team members. Sometimes it is determined that an actual meeting, virtual or face to face should occur. Currently there is no easy way to quickly organize the meeting based on the textual chat and attendees. ...
    IPCOM000250469D | 2017-Jul-24
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    IPCOM000250468D | 2017-Jul-24
  5. 75.
    IPCOM000250467D | 2017-Jul-23
  6. 76.
    Disclosed are specific sunscreen formulations for sweat prevention and reduction
    IPCOM000250466D | 2017-Jul-21
  7. 77.
    A device to improve the flow characteristics of oil well fracturing pump suction headers at low flow rates to reduce pump sand- outs. Reducing sand-outs reduces downtime on jobs. In addition possible equipment damage is eliminated. The device is designed to be easily removed for higher flow rate pumping applications.
    IPCOM000250465D | 2017-Jul-21
  8. 78.
    The invention relates to a close out mechanism, and more particularly to two embodiments of the blade root close out mechanism without using riveted or bolted method. The hub has a supporting part around a hatch and near a blade root. The close out mechanism comprises a hatch assembly and four attaching parts...
    IPCOM000250464D | 2017-Jul-21
  9. 79.
    IPCOM000250463D | 2017-Jul-20
  10. 80.
    Disclosed is a design to integrate a pin straightening mechanism into an Integrated Circuit Board (ICB) connector to allow the straightening of the pins of the connector when it is actuated.
    IPCOM000250462D | 2017-Jul-20