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    This disclosure relates generally to a compact document validator subassembly. More specifically, this disclosure relates to illuminating a document with a substantially constant irradiance level of light from a single point source. The subassembly comprises a housing, a light pipe core having a top diffusing surface...
    IPCOM000250775D | 2017-Aug-31
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    Some document validators include a barcode reader for reading coupons that are printed on demand at a facility and contain a unique number that links to a cash-out or discount amount. Some of these coupons may not be printed with proper specifications, or proper coupons may be inserted with large skew or offset. These...
    IPCOM000250774D | 2017-Aug-31
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    Described are techniques to reduce Total Time on Backup (TTOB) for Segment Routing for Internet Protocol version 6 (SRv6). A transit node may redirect a packet over a backup path (built using any Loop-Free Alternate (LFA) technique). The transit node may encapsulate the packet in an outer Segment Routing Header (SRH)...
    IPCOM000250773D | 2017-Aug-31
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    Disclosed is a database optimization method based on the Fab process.
    IPCOM000250772D | 2017-Aug-31
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    IPCOM000250771D | 2017-Aug-31
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    IPCOM000250770D | 2017-Aug-31
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    IPCOM000250769D | 2017-Aug-31
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    IPCOM000250768D | 2017-Aug-31
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    IPCOM000250767D | 2017-Aug-31
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    IPCOM000250766D | 2017-Aug-31