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    IPCOM000250755D | 2017-Aug-30
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    Disclosed is a method to use an internal gettering region (IG) to capture the Copper (Cu) and other defects and prevent travel to the device region while maintaining Through-Silicon Via (TSV) capability during device packaging
    IPCOM000250754D | 2017-Aug-30
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    Disclosed is a novel flow for forming the Vertical Field Effect Transistor (VFET) bottom spacer and replacement gate to improve the thickness control of the bottom spacer with a lower k-value. In addition, it provides full replacement gate flow for better gate stack control.
    IPCOM000250753D | 2017-Aug-30
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    IPCOM000250752D | 2017-Aug-30
  5. 25.
    IPCOM000250751D | 2017-Aug-30
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    IPCOM000250750D | 2017-Aug-30
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    As described in Section of [RFC5654], several service providers have expressed much interest in operating an MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) in ring topologies and require a high-level survivability function in these topologies. In operational transport network deployment, MPLS-TP networks are often...
    IPCOM000250749D | Original Publication Date: 2017-Aug-01
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    IPCOM000250748D | 2017-Aug-30
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    IPCOM000250747D | 2017-Aug-30
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    IPCOM000250746D | 2017-Aug-29