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    Lubrizol has been exploring polymers which providing tightening effects in a broad pH range (pH 3 – 11) along with their application benefits. Example of such polymers with tightening properties may include acrylate based polymers (acrylate polymer, acrylate copolymer, and acrylate crosspolymer…etc.),...
    IPCOM000251029D | 2017-Sep-29
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    To better design two dual-band antennae for a mobile computing device, the two dual-band antennae may be designed as part of a single printed circuit board (PCB) antenna. An antenna design which shows improved isolation in low band performance between the two dual-band antennae. By putting a printed microwave element...
    IPCOM000251028D | 2017-Sep-29
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    To avoid the threat of enterprise devices getting connected to an unauthorized or external Wi-Fi Access Points (APs,) is the problem being addressed by this invention. An administrator may restrict which Wi-Fi profiles may be selected by a user. Currently an enterprise device can scan for available Wi-Fi AP profiles....
    IPCOM000251027D | 2017-Sep-29
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    Disclosed are highly efficient suncare and daily care compositions (14).
    IPCOM000251026D | 2017-Sep-29
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    Tinosorb S Lite Aqua consists of an encapsulation of the molecule BEMT in a polymer matrix (Acrylates/C12-22 Alkyl Methacrylate Copolymer) achieved by a mini-emulsion polymerization process. The molecule of BEMT is dissolved in the polymer matrix which is dispersed into water. Tinosorb S Lite Aqua shows broad-spectrum...
    IPCOM000251025D | 2017-Sep-29
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    IPCOM000251024D | 2017-Sep-29
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    IPCOM000251023D | 2017-Sep-29
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    IPCOM000251022D | 2017-Sep-29
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    Techniques are provided for delivering a unique enterprise collaboration messaging solution that prevents outside parties from determining that a user has had a one-to-one conversation with another user.
    IPCOM000251021D | 2017-Sep-28
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    IPCOM000251013D | 2017-Sep-27