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    Lubrizol has been exploring polymers which providing tightening effects in a broad pH range (pH 3 – 11) along with their application benefits. Example of such polymers with tightening properties may include acrylate based polymers (acrylate polymer, acrylate copolymer, and acrylate crosspolymer…etc.),...
    IPCOM000251029D | 2017-Sep-29
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    To better design two dual-band antennae for a mobile computing device, the two dual-band antennae may be designed as part of a single printed circuit board (PCB) antenna. An antenna design which shows improved isolation in low band performance between the two dual-band antennae. By putting a printed microwave element...
    IPCOM000251028D | 2017-Sep-29
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    To avoid the threat of enterprise devices getting connected to an unauthorized or external Wi-Fi Access Points (APs,) is the problem being addressed by this invention. An administrator may restrict which Wi-Fi profiles may be selected by a user. Currently an enterprise device can scan for available Wi-Fi AP profiles....
    IPCOM000251027D | 2017-Sep-29
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    Disclosed are highly efficient suncare and daily care compositions (14).
    IPCOM000251026D | 2017-Sep-29
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    Tinosorb S Lite Aqua consists of an encapsulation of the molecule BEMT in a polymer matrix (Acrylates/C12-22 Alkyl Methacrylate Copolymer) achieved by a mini-emulsion polymerization process. The molecule of BEMT is dissolved in the polymer matrix which is dispersed into water. Tinosorb S Lite Aqua shows broad-spectrum...
    IPCOM000251025D | 2017-Sep-29
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    IPCOM000251024D | 2017-Sep-29
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    IPCOM000251023D | 2017-Sep-29
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    IPCOM000251022D | 2017-Sep-29
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    Techniques are provided for delivering a unique enterprise collaboration messaging solution that prevents outside parties from determining that a user has had a one-to-one conversation with another user.
    IPCOM000251021D | 2017-Sep-28
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    In the context of this document, any change to the Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) [RFC6480] that diminishes the set of Internet Number Resources (INRs) associated with an INR holder, and that is contrary to the holder's wishes, is termed "adverse". This analysis is done from the perspective of an affected...
    IPCOM000251020D | Original Publication Date: 2017-Sep-01