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  1. 91.
    A wireless electricity access control system provides a way to authenticate access to a power network. The system provides a method for a user of a wireless energy receiver to perform an authentication action at the receiver. Upon successful authentication, the system presents an advertisement or other media file to...
    IPCOM000251344D | 2017-Oct-30
  2. 92.
    This disclosure describes techniques for packet loss detection in networks based on Recent ACKnowledgement (RACK). RACK technique uses the notion of time, instead of conventional approaches for packet loss detection such as packet or sequence counting. Packets are deemed lost if a packet that was sent sufficiently...
    IPCOM000251343D | 2017-Oct-30
  3. 93.
    This disclosure is directed generally to methods and apparatus for normalizing tokens found in text input prior to attempting to match those tokens to a database of names (e.g., a contact list). In various implementations, a set of suffix tuples, which may be optionally annotated, may be used to normalize tokens found...
    IPCOM000251342D | 2017-Oct-30
  4. 94.
    An orientation detection system sets an orientation of an image or a video based on the detection of an orientation of objects present within the image or video. The system detects the presence of one or more objects within the image or a frame of the video. The system determines spatial orientation parameters for the...
    IPCOM000251341D | 2017-Oct-30
  5. 95.
    A method and system are proposed to greatly reduce the size of computer aided design (CAD) files. The system represents and stores the CAD files as a sequence of operations to create the end object. The sequence of operations describes the CAD geometry including a range of mathematical descriptions in text form. The...
    IPCOM000251340D | 2017-Oct-30
  6. 96.
    This paper describes methods and systems for dynamically managing rendering of animation content. At present, some types of internet display advertisements require animation to occur in the client (e.g., browser) to maintain the appropriate quality. However, rendering can be costly to computer resources and therefore...
    IPCOM000251339D | 2017-Oct-30
  7. 97.
    A personalized audio/video streaming system can be used to synchronize an audio and a video of a content playing on separate devices by establishing an audio conference. The system receives a request for content associated with a content ID and a request to publish the audio of the content from a first device. The...
    IPCOM000251338D | 2017-Oct-30
  8. 98.
    A system for the detection of demographic profile during user interaction through an input device is disclosed. The system tracks a range of signals about a user's interaction with the device and analyzes the signals via a model to provide the estimated probability that the user is within specified demographic...
    IPCOM000251337D | 2017-Oct-30
  9. 99.
    A four-element lens assembly for implementation in a time-of-flight (ToF) camera for a head mounted display (HMD) device provides a wide field of view (FOV), high contrast and illumination at high resolution across the FOV over a relatively long working distance, a sufficiently small package/form factor so as to...
    IPCOM000251336D | 2017-Oct-30
  10. 100.
    Features are described to apply visual patterns or designs to image features of an image. A pattern image depicts a pattern or design created by a user which is intended to be applied to an image feature such as a face. The pattern image is to be applied to modify an input image having detected features such as faces....
    IPCOM000251335D | 2017-Oct-30