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  1. 51.
    This document describes techniques to generate a cinemagraph from a video automatically and without user input. The techniques enable accurate determination of moving regions of pixels in the video which are suitable for animation, by determining mask regions using a dense optical flow technique. Described techniques...
    IPCOM000251384D | 2017-Oct-30
  2. 52.
    A system can provide interpolated color gradients for different areas of a displayed data map to indicate various data values associated with the gradient colors (e.g., solar flux values in the examples described). A different customized base gradient can be defined for each of multiple base locations on the map....
    IPCOM000251383D | 2017-Oct-30
  3. 53.
    The disclosure includes a captioning system configured to caption a video. A video may be identified for captioning. The video may be submitted to automated speech recognition engines. A transcription of audio from the video may be received from the automated speech recognition engines. It may be determined whether to...
    IPCOM000251382D | 2017-Oct-30
  4. 54.
    We propose techniques for delivering a relevant content item to a user. These techniques may render the relevant content item more likely to be delivered as one of the first impressions following the occurrence of a specified event. In some implementations, the event may be the expiration of the user’s free trial...
    IPCOM000251381D | 2017-Oct-30
  5. 55.
    A media file selection and targeting system selects and targets media files to one or more groups of people. The media file targeting system displays at least one media files choice to users in a group conversation. The system then presents an option to the users to vote upon the media file choices. Further, the...
    IPCOM000251380D | 2017-Oct-30
  6. 56.
    The present disclosure is directed to a system and method for initiating a real- time audio/video-conference. A hosting computing device will communicate with the user computing devices at, or a short time before, a scheduled time of the conference. Each user computing device and/or the hosting computing device will...
    IPCOM000251379D | 2017-Oct-30
  7. 57.
    This disclosure describes techniques to measure the impact of exposure to an offline advertisement on subsequent online and offline actions. The system utilizes advertisement data, historical location data and user behavior data to estimate a test spatiotemporal region in which users are likely exposed to a particular...
    IPCOM000251378D | 2017-Oct-30
  8. 58.
    Users complete payment transactions with various merchants using a wallet application or similar payment application maintained by an account management computing system. The account management computing system creates a predictive model or trains a machine learnt regression function or classifier model to predict the...
    IPCOM000251377D | 2017-Oct-30
  9. 59.
    This paper describes methods and systems for sharing ads with friends or contacts across multiple platforms. The solution described in this paper provides a straightforward way for users to share ads without relying on other social networking platforms or communication platform mediums (such as email, text messaging...
    IPCOM000251376D | 2017-Oct-30
  10. 60.
    Using the techniques of this disclosure, a system can efficiently and accurately select digital maps from a large number candidate available maps related to a specified geographic area. As discussed in more detail below, for each map, the system identifies a set of tiles (equalsized units into which maps are divided)...
    IPCOM000251375D | 2017-Oct-30