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  1. 61.
    A digital map may provide information that is not only personalized to a particular user/viewer, but also is current and dynamic. In particular, a user may subscribe to news from a specific point of interest represented on the digital map (e.g., a restaurant, store, bar, museum, theater, park, etc.), and thereafter...
    IPCOM000251374D | 2017-Oct-30
  2. 62.
    This paper describes a new cooling system for telecommunications base-station components. Benefits of this method over traditional air cooling in base-station products include providing a stable environment temperature for the base station hardware system while maintaining a robust and stable signal transmission...
    IPCOM000251373D | 2017-Oct-30
  3. 63.
    This paper describes a system employing supervised machine learning algorithms to automatically detect optimal ad insertion points in an item of video content. The system can learn from data obtained from manual ad insertion. Manual ad insertion examples can be obtained from broadcast television programming containing...
    IPCOM000251372D | 2017-Oct-30
  4. 64.
    This disclosure presents compression of a raw bayer image using standard compression hardware that preserves more data from the raw bayer image such as by only interpolating the green channel prior to compression. As a result, high quality images may be produced with little to no artifacts in post-processing.
    IPCOM000251371D | 2017-Oct-30
  5. 65.
    A device is described that determines when an audio system has been connected via an audio output port of the device, and in response automatically determines a volume level to use for outputting requested audio based on context of the device, such as context that indicates a type of audio system having been...
    IPCOM000251370D | 2017-Oct-30
  6. 66.
    We propose techniques of dynamically caching video content of content elements of webpages. The techniques may leverage certain event listeners, such as mouse down, hover, and scroll stop, among others, to dynamically trigger the pre-caching of video content on the webpage. These events may correlate with the user...
    IPCOM000251369D | 2017-Oct-30
  7. 67.
    An automatic update system is described that enables a user to elect one or more security delegates that the automatic update system extracts opinions from, regarding software and firmware updates. The automatic update system may compare the opinion of security delegates with an update installation policy associated...
    IPCOM000251368D | 2017-Oct-30
  8. 68.
    Pre-rendering or pre-formatting are used to optimize ad serving. Ad data, size information, and an ad template, combined into JSON-HTML-JavascriptTM-CSS code, can be pre-rendered by an ad server, requiring minimal JavascriptTM code to be provided to a client and saving processing time on the client.
    IPCOM000251367D | 2017-Oct-30
  9. 69.
    To prevent superfluous updating of the location of a mobile device, a search engine can implement a tool to determine if a query is location-based before requesting an updated user location. The tool can also determine a precision of the updated location required to return accurate search results. The tool helps...
    IPCOM000251366D | 2017-Oct-30
  10. 70.
    A system is disclosed for inferring physical or semantic location using co-presence of multiple mobile devices. The system gets the location reports from several nearby mobile devices and sends back an accurate location for all these devices. The location reports from each device’s sensors (such as Wi-Fi, cell tower,...
    IPCOM000251365D | 2017-Oct-30