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  1. 71.
    A server rack may require DC voltages at various levels such as 12 volts, 1.8 volts, 1.2 volts, etc. that are suitable for different computing devices. In operation, a supply voltage is converted to the voltage required by corresponding computing devices. The voltage-level conversion is done in stages. A first stage...
    IPCOM000251364D | 2017-Oct-30
  2. 72.
    An ultra-local micro-lending system is proposed that will provide a community, access to a common pool of funds available only to members of that community. Funds could be provided to the community pool based on the population size of the community. The funds are also generated through encouraging the community...
    IPCOM000251363D | 2017-Oct-30
  3. 73.
    A system and method are disclosed to trace the source of a credit card scammer using a single use duress credit card number. If someone receives a request for credit card information, the potential victim can respond by providing a fake duress number. The duress number can be obtained via a special service set up for...
    IPCOM000251362D | 2017-Oct-30
  4. 74.
    The disclosure presents a system and method that enable users to receive reminders of movie premieres of interest. The system comprises an inaudible data stream that is embedded into movie trailers comprising data such as movie name, year of movie, release date and producing studio, etc. This data stream is picked up...
    IPCOM000251361D | 2017-Oct-30
  5. 75.
    A system and method are disclosed to predict location of a thunderhead using crowd sourced mobile technology. The system comprises multiple smartphones enabled to detect relative wind speed, direction and pressure gradients. The crowd-sourced wind movements determine thermal rise locations that are fed into weather...
    IPCOM000251360D | 2017-Oct-30
  6. 76.
    The present disclosure relates to a system and method of recommending job titles based on user-provided titles and categories. The system leverages an occupational ontology with multiple levels such as a job title, minor occupational category and major occupational category. The system receives job title or category...
    IPCOM000251359D | 2017-Oct-30
  7. 77.
    An automated system and method are disclosed for the optimization of multidimensional skillsets in a hiring process. The system extracts skills from existing individuals in an organization that are then aggregated to build an entity of skills at a company or network level to identify the distribution of skills in...
    IPCOM000251358D | 2017-Oct-30
  8. 78.
    IPCOM000251357D | 2017-Oct-30
  9. 79.
    A live fan engagement system enables video creators to engage with viewers while the viewers are watching a video. The system sets up online group viewing sessions for creator and viewers. When the creator and viewers join these sessions, the system initiates playback of a desired media and concurrently starts a chat...
    IPCOM000251356D | 2017-Oct-30
  10. 80.
    A transaction manager system associates a payment account with a user to allow future transactions with the payment account to be conducted in online transactions, mobile transactions, and other transactions. A user enters payment account information, such as a credit card account or a debit card account, into a user...
    IPCOM000251355D | 2017-Oct-30