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    Issues arise when implementing picklist mode via a barcode scanner. Typically, when a barcode scanner is in picklist mode, the barcode scanner creates a picklist frame. A picklist frame is when an aimer is ON while the illumination from the barcode scanner is OFF. The picklist frame provides maximum contrast for an...
    IPCOM000251748D | 2017-Nov-30
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    Users may use audio staging options to perform OOB mobile device staging by sending an audio signal to the mobile device from a host. This audio signal may be a series of beeps or tones that pair the mobile device to the host. After completion of OOB staging, the mobile device will be utilized for other daily user...
    IPCOM000251747D | 2017-Nov-30
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    Issues may arise in battery charging systems where many batteries have a low charge and they are all being charged at a standard rate. When a user needs a battery, there may not be any available, charged batteries and there will be a loss in work time while the user waits for a charged battery. This invention would...
    IPCOM000251746D | 2017-Nov-30
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    Systems combining game statistics with television broadcasts are in wide use today. Because sophisticated video-processing algorithms are used to gather statistics on pitch location and speed, and because these statistics are informative to viewers of the game, it is valuable to combine these systems to provide more...
    IPCOM000251745D | 2017-Nov-30
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    A mechanical CPR device with the ability to read the heart rhythm like standard AEDs do today. With help from the readings of the heart, the mechanical CPR machine can then increase of decrease the rate for example to try to get the heart starting again. In case of ROSC (return of spontaneous circulation) the machine...
    IPCOM000251744D | 2017-Nov-30
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    A CPR Chest Compression Machine (CCM) administers automatically chest compressions to a patient, including active decompressions. In embodiments, one or more other physiological parameter(s) are monitored to adjust the depth of compressions, the height of decompressions, and/or the rate of compressions and...
    IPCOM000251743D | 2017-Nov-30
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    A 3D-printed, surgical instrument for balancing soft tissues surrounding the knee joint during a total knee arthroplasty procedure may be easily assembled/disassembled without hand tools for cleaning and sterilization. Below are exploded and assembled views of the instrument, also referred to as a knee balancer.
    IPCOM000251742D | 2017-Nov-30
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    A surgical instrument for total knee arthroplastic procedures to balance the soft tissues surrounding the knee joint is known as a knee balancer. Conventional knee balancers include many components that are made separately, usually involving several machining steps and resulting in a costly product. Components of a...
    IPCOM000251741D | 2017-Nov-30
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    IPCOM000251740D | 2017-Nov-30
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    This disclosure relates to a heated filter, for example for water, hydrous solutions, highly viscous hydrocarbon mixtures such as diesel fuels or the like. The filter has a round filter element replaceably mounted in the housing, having a radial flow direction. The filter element comprises an elasticly deformable...
    IPCOM000251739D | 2017-Nov-30