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    IPCOM000252223D | 2017-Dec-28
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    IPCOM000252222D | 2017-Dec-28
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    Protection techniques for electrical systems having VVVF conditions such as wind turbines and the converter in the electric brake (E-Brake) mode are disclosed. The current feedback is compared with the current command, error between the current command and the current feedback is filtered and normalized, and the...
    IPCOM000252221D | 2017-Dec-28
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    IPCOM000252220D | 2017-Dec-28
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    Techniques for determining the lowest tube current (mA) needed for a calibration air scan are provided. The lowest mA is capable of achieving an acceptable SNR reduction in the air calibrated signal. Specifically, the disclosed techniques include selecting the minimum mA needed for a calibration air scan while...
    IPCOM000252219D | 2017-Dec-27
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    The present invention provides a device designed to measure the high-contrast spatial resolution and slice thickness of an x-ray computed tomography imaging system. The device is a 3D printed cylinder made from a material that causes high attenuation of x-rays, and the cylinder comprises very fine passageways.
    IPCOM000252218D | 2017-Dec-27
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    There are many classes of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, each of which have a unique set of configuration parameters to provision. IoT devices may not share a common runtime environment, likely do not have a connected keyboard/mouse/monitor, and may not provide a web interface for provisioning. Provided herein are...
    IPCOM000252217D | 2017-Dec-26
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    The invention relates to the technical field of switchgear in general and to insulators for such switchgear in particular, especially gas-insulated switchgear, commonly abbreviated as GIS. This disclosure concerns an identification method for tracking insulator information such as batch number, supplier, age and the...
    IPCOM000252216D | 2017-Dec-25
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    In a network with Rapid Spanning Tree protocol (RSTP), in a two or three-layered hierarchy topology with 80 spanning trees per VLAN instance, the traffic (L2 & L3) convergence can take more than 20 minutes during boot up of a new root bridge in an otherwise stable RSTP topology. The bring up/booting up of a new RSTP...
    IPCOM000252215D | 2017-Dec-23
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    A new LTE Uplink Transmission Resource definition, mechanism and channel coding details to facilitate RRC-Idle state UEs requesting SC-PTM services. New methods and mechanisms specifically for the UEs receiving SC-PTM/multicast services to feedback the HARQ receiving status as well as the SC-PTM/multicast HARQ...
    IPCOM000252214D | 2017-Dec-22