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    La solution proposée par l'invention est l'utilisation d'un composant électronique à isolation galvanique permettant un fonctionnement du convertisseur de tension même dans le cas où le rapport entre la tension de sortie et la tension d'entrée est inférieur à 2. La figure 2 présente un exemple de schéma électronique...
    IPCOM000252213D | 2017-Dec-22
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    Some economically attractive sources of hydro-fracturing fluid make-up water can only be used for popular frac fluid systems, if the boron is removed. To date, the two most practical methods in use for boron removal are ion exchange (IX) and reverse osmosis (RO), with RO having the current advantage. Both Ion...
    IPCOM000252212D | 2017-Dec-22
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    A system and method are disclosed that enable automated testing of a user interface. The testing system includes a machine learning (ML) algorithm to test a user interface. The ML approach includes collecting training samples, creating an ML model and using the model to test the user interface. Training samples are...
    IPCOM000252211D | 2017-Dec-22
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    IPCOM000252204D | 2017-Dec-22
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    The invention concerns a novel liquid cooling unit base on aluminum foams with the application is cooling of IGCT devices/stacks. This kind of IGCT stacks are frequently used in high power converters such as rectifiers, drives, converter stations. The aluminium foam provides for an optimal thermal performance while...
    IPCOM000252203D | 2017-Dec-22
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    This invention involves a first WLAN AP to provide information on the data rates that needs to be understood by neighboring WLAN AP. The first WLAN AP scans neighboring infrastructures for data rates. The first WLAN AP collects the supported data rate info from all infrastructures on common channels and completes a...
    IPCOM000252202D | 2017-Dec-21
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    IPCOM000252201D | 2017-Dec-21
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    IPCOM000252200D | 2017-Dec-21
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    IPCOM000252199D | 2017-Dec-21
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    IPCOM000252198D | 2017-Dec-21