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    IPCOM000252197D | 2017-Dec-21
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    IPCOM000252196D | 2017-Dec-21
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    IPCOM000252195D | 2017-Dec-21
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    IPCOM000252194D | 2017-Dec-21
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    IPCOM000252193D | 2017-Dec-21
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    This disclosure includes methods and systems for integrating production of carbon fibers and impregnation of those fibers with matrix material. Some methods include passing a first portion of a strand of fibers, the first portion comprising carbon fiber precursor fibers, through one or more ovens to carbonize the...
    IPCOM000252192D | 2017-Dec-21
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    This disclosure includes methods for electrolytic surface treatment of carbon fibers. Some methods include immersing carbon fibers in a bath containing an electrolytic solution, the electrolytic solution having a conductivity, and applying a voltage and a current to the electrolytic solution, wherein the...
    IPCOM000252191D | 2017-Dec-21
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    Various embodiments disclosed relate to an aqueous dispersion. The aqueous dispersion includes a plurality of particles. Each of the particles includes a polycarbonate component. Individual particles of the polycarbonate component have substantially the same size. The dispersion further includes a plasticizer...
    IPCOM000252190D | 2017-Dec-21
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    Various embodiments disclosed relate to a composition. The present invention includes a polycarbonate component and a carbon fiber component including an activated surface. An interface can be formed between the polycarbonate component and the carbon fiber component.
    IPCOM000252189D | 2017-Dec-21
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    Tag based searching can be a powerful tool when the metadata is correct and complete. Described herein is a powerful search user interface (UI) that allows a user to quickly navigate through topics that start with typed letters, but also extends to tags that are otherwise relevant. Moreover, the UI provides a catalog...
    IPCOM000252188D | 2017-Dec-21