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    IPCOM000252187D | 2017-Dec-21
  2. 52.
    It is proposed to provide an acoustic device with an oleophobic absorbing material.
    IPCOM000252185D | 2017-Dec-21
  3. 53.
    In order to allow axial mounting of a locking ring on a pipe having a bigger diameter than the locking ring, the locking ring is provided with a first slot to be widened and two additional slots to be closed during assembly. The additional slots enable an increase of the inner diameter of the locking ring.
    IPCOM000252184D | 2017-Dec-21
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    IPCOM000252183D | 2017-Dec-21
  5. 55.
    Minimax distance measures provide an effective way to capture the unknown underlying patterns and classes of the data in a non-parametric way. We develop a general-purpose framework to employ Minimax distances with any classification method that performs on numerical data. For this purpose, first, we compute the...
    IPCOM000252182D | 2017-Dec-20
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    Disease progression models can be used to pre- dict the incidence and changes in disease status over time, leading to prevention and advancement of chronic diseases. The state-of-the-art disease progression models are not sufficiently generic and scalable, cannot model multiple diseases, and re- quire data specific to...
    IPCOM000252181D | 2017-Dec-20
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    IPCOM000252180D | 2017-Dec-20
  8. 58.
    The invention determines whether the WiFi profile is only associated with one AP. If yes, there may be one configuration parameter the user selects as an input while adding the profile. Based on this configuration parameter, the roam trigger and the roam scan may be disabled in the connected state. The default value...
    IPCOM000252179D | 2017-Dec-20
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    IPCOM000252178D | 2017-Dec-20
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    IPCOM000252177D | 2017-Dec-20