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  1. 71.
    Struvite precipitation occurs in wastewater treatment systems, typically anaerobic digestion processes, under certain conditions (pH, Figure 1) in the presence of the equimolar stoichiometric ratio of ammonium, magnesium, and phosphate (Maqueda, Rodríguez, & Lebrato, 1994). Struvite is an insoluble crystalline...
    IPCOM000252165D | 2017-Dec-19
  2. 72.
    Tip cap and trail edge guard for composite fan blade with each being a separate piece, bonded to the composite airfoil, to allow selection of different metal materials to tailor properties vs. application requirements.
    IPCOM000252164D | 2017-Dec-19
  3. 73.
    IPCOM000252163D | 2017-Dec-19
  4. 74.
    In current print servers, the user is not allowed to print a repeated image in different color modes (Color & Grayscale mode). A user is only allowed to program the repeated image to print only on Color mode or Grayscale mode. If user selects repeated image with normal mode, then same image will be printed twice in...
    IPCOM000252162D | 2017-Dec-19
  5. 75.
    When a user scans a document using mobile camera and sends the same for printing, the user do not have control on the scaling of the document. Since the physical dimension of the document is not measured. The pixel dimension capability of the camera is fixed and the content dimension varies with distance between the...
    IPCOM000252161D | 2017-Dec-19
  6. 76.
    When a user is trying to login to an MFD as admin either through the machine UI or by connecting to a remote control panel needs to enter the admin username and password. When user is trying to enter password the soft keyboard highlights are visible to the other UI viewers (remote login user and local user) when any...
    IPCOM000252160D | 2017-Dec-19
  7. 77.
    IPCOM000252159D | 2017-Dec-19
  8. 78.
    Black Text has to be reproduced in copy job using neutral 'K' for sharpness. SWIP cannot have sophisticated segmentation to classify text and halftones due to limitations in computation power and memory. So edge detector like Canny is used to detect neutral edges in text. But normal edge detector cannot differentiate...
    IPCOM000252158D | 2017-Dec-19
  9. 79.
    Currently, there are no ways to give input to multifunction devices (MFDs) using any gesture WITHOUT display device. All inputs are given through the display device. Printing or scanning a file would require the user to use either Controller/DFE (FFPS/EFI) or LUI. Existing printers do not have the ability to be used...
    IPCOM000252157D | 2017-Dec-19
  10. 80.
    Currently the print server does not have a mechanism to shut down the entire system (DFE, PSIP & IOT) in single command. The DFE, PSIP and IOT are getting shutdown individually. So here we are providing a mechanism to shut down the system using single instance control mechanism. This feature will add an advantage for...
    IPCOM000252156D | 2017-Dec-19