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Month of December 2017 - Page Number 9

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    IPCOM000252155D | 2017-Dec-19
  2. 82.
    IPCOM000252154D | 2017-Dec-19
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    IPCOM000252153D | 2017-Dec-19
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    When printing a document with Logo like symbols are important for any organization and user expects them to be printed as they have designed in colors. At times such images are not printed in user expected colors. This could be because of the default color tables for the primary colors used in different printer...
    IPCOM000252152D | 2017-Dec-19
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    IPCOM000252151D | 2017-Dec-19
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    IPCOM000252150D | 2017-Dec-19
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    IPCOM000252149D | 2017-Dec-19
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    One possible solution involves when the mobile device detects an external power source (such as a charging cradle or power pack), and settles in a rested position, the mobile device could then wait for an allotted period (eg. 1 second) for the accelerometers to register any further movement. If no further movement has...
    IPCOM000252147D | 2017-Dec-19
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    IPCOM000252146D | 2017-Dec-19
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    IPCOM000252145D | 2017-Dec-18