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    IPCOM000252564D | 2018-Jan-25
  2. 92.
    The present disclosure relates to a differential coplanar transmission line for a Mach Zehnder modulator design in silicon photonic processes. The differential coplanar transmission line includes weakly coupled differential Radio Frequency (RF) lines and two ground planes on the sides. The weakly coupling...
    IPCOM000252563D | 2018-Jan-24
  3. 93.
    IPCOM000252562D | 2018-Jan-24
  4. 94.
    IPCOM000252561D | 2018-Jan-24
  5. 95.
    IPCOM000252560D | 2018-Jan-24
  6. 96.
    IPCOM000252559D | 2018-Jan-24
  7. 97.
    Safe operation of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems in the last stages of flight is critical for commercial and consumer UAV applications. The last 50 feet of flight is especially complex since GPS is not precise in the last segments of flight. To autonomously land a UAV on a target area, precise controlling of UAV and...
    IPCOM000252558D | 2018-Jan-24
  8. 98.
    Active ingredient combinations, in particular, fungicidal compositions comprising two different active ingredients.
    IPCOM000252556D | 2018-Jan-24
  9. 99.
    A method and system is disclosed for prioritizing messages by learning user behavior regarding messages. The method and system learns interests and priorities based on the user's online behavior, location and profile thereby guaranteeing to get the user's attention on important messages.
    IPCOM000252555D | 2018-Jan-24
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    IPCOM000252554D | 2018-Jan-23