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  1. 111.
    IPCOM000252542D | 2018-Jan-23
  2. 112.
    Techniques are provided for gleaning the behavior pattern of network connected devices. This may enable applying security policies, network policies, device on-boarding, and authorization policies.
    IPCOM000252541D | 2018-Jan-22
  3. 113.
    Many Internet of Things (IoT) devices, printers, and other special purpose devices tend to be vulnerable to being used as a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) agent within an enterprise network. As described herein, a DDoS detection and mitigation system uses network intelligence to both detect and mitigate the...
    IPCOM000252540D | 2018-Jan-22
  4. 114.
    IPCOM000252539D | 2018-Jan-22
  5. 115.
    IPCOM000252538D | 2018-Jan-22
  6. 116.
    IPCOM000252537D | 2018-Jan-22
  7. 117.
    IPCOM000252536D | 2018-Jan-22
  8. 118.
    Disclosed is a method to leverage the properties of shingled magnetic recording (SMR) drives to securely employ encryption modes to encrypt the drive that would be insecure on a conventional drive.
    IPCOM000252535D | 2018-Jan-22
  9. 119.
    IPCOM000252534D | 2018-Jan-22
  10. 120.
    Bootstrap Capacitor Refresh for Two-Switch Forward Application
    IPCOM000252533D | 2018-Jan-22