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    IPCOM000252508D | 2018-Jan-19
  2. 142.
    This disclosure describes techniques to insert hyperlinks into user communications (e.g., email, chat, etc.) that can provide a ready reference to other communications relevant to the context. With user permission, contents of email and chat messages are analyzed and classified according to the topics of the messages,...
    IPCOM000252507D | 2018-Jan-19
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    A significant percentage of humans suffer from reading difficulties caused by dyslexia. While the difficulties may differ across different individuals, some common problems include seeing letters as backwards or upside down; having trouble distinguishing between letters with similar shapes, e.g., b, p, q, and d; and...
    IPCOM000252506D | 2018-Jan-19
  4. 144.
    Smartphones today are capable of being connected to one or more devices via wireless communication technologies, such as Bluetooth®. While a smartphone is connected (or "paired") with a device, an audio-distribution profile of the smartphone governs routing of audio to and from mechanisms (e.g., speakers, microphones)...
    IPCOM000252505D | 2018-Jan-19
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    IPCOM000252504D | 2018-Jan-19
  6. 146.
    IPCOM000252503D | 2018-Jan-19
  7. 147.
    IPCOM000252502D | 2018-Jan-19
  8. 148.
    IPCOM000252501D | 2018-Jan-19
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    Techniques are presented to provide a simple and secure way to onboard Internet of Things (IoT) devices. These techniques utilize a One Time Password (OTP) embedded in the device and considerably reduce messaging overhead for bootstrapping.
    IPCOM000252499D | 2018-Jan-18
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    IPCOM000252498D | 2018-Jan-18