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    4D seismic data is produced by comparing a processed seismic cube acquired sometime in the past (the baseline survey) to a processed cube at the same location acquired more recently (the monitor survey) 4D seismic data is often used to monitor the net fluid displacement and pressure changes in a reservoir between...
    IPCOM000252497D | 2018-Jan-18
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    IPCOM000252496D | 2018-Jan-18
  3. 153.
    Using the Nacelle Anti-ice (NAI) valve to also provide flow to the Booster Anti-ice (BAI) system. The BAI valve being eliminated from the engine provides a weight reduction and preserves the booster anti-ice capability without sacrificing the BAI system function.
    IPCOM000252495D | 2018-Jan-18
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    Provided is a wearable wristband with a digitized medication container. Studies consistently show that 20-30% of medication prescriptions are never filled, and that approximately 50% of medications for chronic disease are not taken as prescribed. The wearable wristband described herein combines a digitized medication...
    IPCOM000252494D | 2018-Jan-18
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    In Internet of Things (IoT) deployments, IoT devices usually send small Internet Protocol (IP) packets to a network server (through an IoT gateway (GW)) at regular intervals. Each small IP packet has an IP header and transport protocol, which adds overhead to bandwidth and Input/Output (I/O) performance on the IoT GW...
    IPCOM000252493D | 2018-Jan-18
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    The present technology provides flexible bonding interfaces, patterned coated with adhesives. Such flexible bonding interfaces may be used to adhere devices to adhesive films, such as adhering medical devices to stick-to-skin tapes or films.
    IPCOM000252492D | 2018-Jan-18
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    IPCOM000252491D | 2018-Jan-18
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    This disclosure describes features of a test apparatus for heat exchanger evaluation. Some features relate to methods used to introduce nonā€uniform performance of the exchanger, to allow evaluation of the exchanger away from the design point. Others relate to methods to extend the range of test unit operation, to...
    IPCOM000252490D | 2018-Jan-17
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    IPCOM000252489D | 2018-Jan-17
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    IPCOM000252488D | 2018-Jan-17