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    IPCOM000252487D | 2018-Jan-17
  2. 162.
    This publication relates to formulations which can be pre-applied on a capacitor chip or PCB before a solder reflow process. The formulations solidify at room temperature by crystallization but melt above 70-100°C and yield low viscosity to allow the soldering process. The formulation cured in the reflow oven can...
    IPCOM000252486D | 2018-Jan-17
  3. 163.
    A method of speeding up deployment of fiber optic networks for Fiber To The Home (FTTH) telecommunication networks, some operators have utilized a pre-engineered cable harness that is factory terminated and known tether locations along the length of the cable. Often the cables contain 72 to 144 fibers in the main...
    IPCOM000252485D | 2018-Jan-17
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    IPCOM000252484D | 2018-Jan-17
  5. 165.
    IPCOM000252483D | 2018-Jan-17
  6. 166.
    IPCOM000252482D | 2018-Jan-17
  7. 167.
    IPCOM000252481D | 2018-Jan-16
  8. 168.
    Disclosed are series of new silicone mixtures Y-20391, Y-20432 and Y-20459, which are based on Momentive's Velvesil* technology (US20070112146, US20090081316, US6444745, US6531540, US7241835). Velvesil DM silicone is a patented and unique multi-functional silicone copolymer network. It can help deliver...
    IPCOM000252480D | 2018-Jan-16
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    IPCOM000252479D | 2018-Jan-16
  10. 170.
    IPCOM000252478D | 2018-Jan-16