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  1. 211.
    A new back grinding tapeless process - using of the given material property of two different layers, the CAF adhesive / PO or TPX film and the specific condition of 130°C lamination - will significantly reduce the conventional process steps from 7 to 5 and save its material cost of back grinding tape. In the new...
    IPCOM000252432D | 2018-Jan-10
  2. 212.
    An approach is provided to securely align and lock in place IC packages inside individual JEDEC tray pockets to eliminate lateral and vertical movements of the units. Conventional JEDEC tray pockets are designed with large dimensional tolerances to ease placing and picking up of IC packages from their individual...
    IPCOM000252431D | 2018-Jan-10
  3. 213.
    Identifying which Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) circuits to migrate is a serious challenge for TDM transformation that has significant financial and customer impact. Techniques are presented to use a constraint-enforced grouping mechanism to significantly reduce the circuit scale with three circuit path attributes,...
    IPCOM000252430D | 2018-Jan-10
  4. 214.
    Internet of Things (IoT) device security can easily become compromised when there are multiple owner transfers or otherwise will be humanly driven during the transfer. As described herein, an IoT cloud may become smart and transfer-aware if it is coupled with blockchain transfer with second level authentication. This...
    IPCOM000252429D | 2018-Jan-10
  5. 215.
    There are many classes of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, each of which has unique properties based on its function. To manage the deployment and operations of very large numbers of IoT devices, a structured, flexible, extensible, and customizable mechanism is needed. An existing protocol (such as Dynamic Host...
    IPCOM000252428D | 2018-Jan-10
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    IPCOM000252427D | 2018-Jan-10
  7. 217.
    IPCOM000252426D | 2018-Jan-10
  8. 218.
    IPCOM000252425D | 2018-Jan-10
  9. 219.
    IPCOM000252424D | 2018-Jan-10
  10. 220.
    IPCOM000252423D | 2018-Jan-10