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  1. 251.
    A method and system is disclosed to coordinate traffic on crowded roadways in order to increase average speed of vehicles and overall throughput. When crowded traffic behind some point on a roadway stops, the method and system identifies that there is a specified gap of open roadway in front of the point, and enable...
    IPCOM000252392D | 2018-Jan-08
  2. 252.
    A method and system is disclosed that implements a guessing game in a computer with questions that have human context, rather than just choosing a bit, a human observer to assure an answerer that the computer is not cheating, and a social aspect in which the human observer competes with the computer to guess how the...
    IPCOM000252391D | 2018-Jan-08
  3. 253.
    IPCOM000252390D | 2018-Jan-08
  4. 254.
    IPCOM000252389D | 2018-Jan-08
  5. 255.
    IPCOM000252388D | 2018-Jan-08
  6. 256.
    IPCOM000252387D | 2018-Jan-08
  7. 257.
    IPCOM000252383D | 2018-Jan-05
  8. 258.
    This invention establishes key features of Thermoplastic Composite (TPC) bracket design and manufacturing, such as AS-4 poly ether ether ketone (PEEK) with newly standardized manufacturing and newly standardized mount hole bushings, to offer a widely applicable, inexpensive, lightweight option for supporting engine...
    IPCOM000252382D | 2018-Jan-05
  9. 259.
    A method is disclosed for identifying outages in user-facing products based on search statistics. The method includes collecting search queries related to a user-facing product from a search engine. The method further includes generating statistics based on the collected search queries. The statistics may indicate...
    IPCOM000252381D | 2018-Jan-05
  10. 260.
    Video chat or streaming applications depend on the availability of reliable and high-speed network connections to maintain quality. When the quality is poor, it is often difficult for users to diagnose the cause, and hence, the poor quality of experience may be misattributed to the video chat or streaming application....
    IPCOM000252380D | 2018-Jan-05