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  1. 301.
    IPCOM000252339D | 2018-Jan-05
  2. 302.
    Improved techniques for correcting text transcriptions of voice input is described herein. A computing device may perform speech recognition to transcribe voice input (e.g., speech) into text, enable a user to select any of one or more consecutive words in the text transcription, and, in response, determine and output...
    IPCOM000252338D | 2018-Jan-05
  3. 303.
    Generally, the present disclosure is directed to a computing system for predicting user intent in operation of a device based on personal routines. In particular, in some implementations, the systems and methods of the present disclosure can include or otherwise leverage one or more machine-learned models to predict...
    IPCOM000252337D | 2018-Jan-05
  4. 304.
    The method detailed herein relates to second screen experiences for a smart television (TV). The method includes capturing one or more frames from a video (e.g., movie, television show, advertisement) playing on the smart TV and sending the captured frames to a cloud platform for image processing. The method further...
    IPCOM000252336D | 2018-Jan-05
  5. 305.
    IPCOM000252335D | 2018-Jan-05
  6. 306.
    This document is directed to a product or service research assistant that helps you choose which product to buy from the many options available. Although this document will focus on a product research assistant, each idea also applies to a research assistant user interface (UI) for services professionals, travel...
    IPCOM000252334D | 2018-Jan-05
  7. 307.
    IPCOM000252333D | 2018-Jan-05
  8. 308.
    IPCOM000252332D | 2018-Jan-05
  9. 309.
    IPCOM000252331D | 2018-Jan-05
  10. 310.
    IPCOM000252330D | 2018-Jan-05