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  1. 311.
    MonoSol, LLC has found that the addition of aversive or pungent materials may be included into water soluble film made from polyvinyl alcohol materials by admixing the aversive or pungent material with is admixed with a plasticizer prior to the mixing process to make the water soluble film.
    IPCOM000252329D | 2018-Jan-04
  2. 312.
    CCM/DCM Jitter Switching for Multimode Flyback Controllers
    IPCOM000252328D | 2018-Jan-04
  3. 313.
    IPCOM000252327D | 2018-Jan-04
  4. 314.
    IPCOM000252326D | 2018-Jan-04
  5. 315.
    IPCOM000252325D | 2018-Jan-04
  6. 316.
    An open loop linearity compensation circuit is provided. The circuit enables correction of gain and phase distortion. A low power amplifier with a tunable gating voltage is used as a source of gain and phase correcting voltages.
    IPCOM000252324D | 2018-Jan-04
  7. 317.
    IPCOM000252323D | 2018-Jan-04
  8. 318.
    Positioning system for use in MR systems comprises generating a 3D rigid body model of the surface coil(s). The 3D model is used to determine the track from an initial position of the surface coil to the desired examination position, such as the examination center within a magnet region. Further, the 3D model of the...
    IPCOM000252322D | 2018-Jan-04
  9. 319.
    A multi-purpose mount capable of acting as a power source as well as a mount for devices needed on an infant care station is provided. The mount transfers power to the devices inductively, without requiring cables connecting to power outlets.
    IPCOM000252321D | 2018-Jan-04
  10. 320.
    IPCOM000252320D | 2018-Jan-04