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    IPCOM000253015D | 2018-Feb-27
  2. 32.
    IPCOM000253014D | 2018-Feb-27
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    IPCOM000253013D | 2018-Feb-27
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    IPCOM000253012D | 2018-Feb-27
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    Techniques are provided which allow network nodes to choose alternate upward paths for point-to-point (P2P) flows in order to minimize cost, as opposed to implementing the preferred parent default route. Exploration may be performed in the data plane by spreading the packets progressing upward over the various parent...
    IPCOM000253011D | 2018-Feb-27
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    IPCOM000253010D | 2018-Feb-27
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    IPCOM000253009D | 2018-Feb-27
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    IPCOM000253008D | 2018-Feb-27
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    This paper describes an abrasive tool having a pad that is suitable for abrading a non-planar surface, e.g. curved surface. The tool includes a pad that is contoured, i.e. curved, to facilitate the abrading of a non-planar surface. Additionally, the pad can include vacuum holes to facilitate dust extraction.
    IPCOM000253007D | 2018-Feb-27
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    IPCOM000253006D | 2018-Feb-27