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    The present disclosure relates to intelligent soft preemption of tunnels in Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). Specifically, systems and methods are described to extend soft preemption in IETF RFC 5712 to provide a more efficient and intelligent preemption. The systems and methods include an extra bit of...
    IPCOM000253317D | 2018-Mar-21
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    The present disclosure relates to a photodiode with spectral mode management and high isolation for high-performance applications. The present disclosure addresses the issue of undesired multimode/upper mode light, wrongly polarized light and stray light going into a photodiode. The present disclosure provides a...
    IPCOM000253316D | 2018-Mar-21
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    Disclosed is a method to reduce the dielectric constant of dielectric film by introducing an airgap formed by templating.
    IPCOM000253315D | 2018-Mar-21
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    IPCOM000253314D | 2018-Mar-21
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    IPCOM000253313D | 2018-Mar-21
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    IPCOM000253312D | 2018-Mar-21
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    IPCOM000253311D | 2018-Mar-21
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    IPCOM000253310D | 2018-Mar-21
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    The techniques described herein may enable fixed or adaptive beamforming techniques within a frequency response performance of current personal and meeting room video endpoints. This may be useful for future collaboration video endpoints. For open spaces and open offices, such a loudspeaker system can reduce the sound...
    IPCOM000253309D | 2018-Mar-21
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    Techniques are provided to improve the experience of non-virtual reality (VR) participants in a conference which contains both VR and non-VR participants. This is accomplished by adding a new virtual camera to the virtual scene for each avatar representing a VR participant and using this camera to render a 2D video...
    IPCOM000253308D | 2018-Mar-21