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    This disclosure relates to an improved pneumatic conveying method for transporting hydrocarbon resin in prill or pellet form, thereby allowing for the retention of the physical integrity of the prills/pellets.
    IPCOM000253458D | 2018-Mar-30
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    Define battery states based on charge. Communicate them via BT beacon.
    IPCOM000253457D | 2018-Mar-30
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    A mobile device with a discharged battery can send data to another device for relay to the host before the battery dies. It may also beacon its status to other devices.
    IPCOM000253456D | 2018-Mar-30
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    IPCOM000253455D | 2018-Mar-30
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    The grain mass flow sensor is typically installed on the combine harvester for measuring the instantaneous grain mass flow. The impact plate based sensor utilizes piezo-electric sensing methodology which measures the grain mass based on the impact created by the grain when it strikes the sensor. However, the impact...
    IPCOM000253454D | 2018-Mar-30
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    Disclosed is a simple method for voltage tracking for design rule checking (DRC) in integrated circuits. The new methodology uses designer defined net-to-net voltage tracking (Vtrack) markers on a layout to accurately identify delta voltage between nets that track each other and to perform V-dependent DRC according to...
    IPCOM000253453D | 2018-Mar-30
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    IPCOM000253452D | 2018-Mar-30
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    HPMCAS dispersions manufactured by aqueous media milling of granular HPMCAS can be made at concentrations of up to 20 wt. % without stabilizer and up to 30 wt.-% using fatty acid salts as stabilizer (based on the total weight of the dispersion). Preferred fatty acid salts are sodium stearate and sodium oleate. The...
    IPCOM000253450D | 2018-Mar-29
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    IPCOM000253449D | 2018-Mar-29
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    IPCOM000253448D | 2018-Mar-29