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    IPCOM000253646D | 2018-Apr-20
  2. 102.
    To migrate a piece of equipment, physical port and crossconnect (XC) information for that piece of equipment is required. Techniques are described herein which utilize Constraint-assisted Crossconnect Check (CaCC) to convert Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) circuit database information into per node port and XC...
    IPCOM000253645D | 2018-Apr-19
  3. 103.
    Gas-insulated substation (GIS) compartments are labeled with QR codes or barcodes at the factory. The QR code can contain information about the gas compartment (including a unique ID of the compartment), gas volume, nominal gas filling pressure, composition of the gas mixture and partial pressures of the various...
    IPCOM000253644D | 2018-Apr-19
  4. 104.
    A directed guard window mechanism is provided herein. The guard window may be placed at the start or end of a Neighbor-to-Neighbor (N2N) communication slot depending on the schedule deviation between the two neighbors. This can reduce guard window duration and save a more valid slot time for N2N communication....
    IPCOM000253643D | 2018-Apr-19
  5. 105.
    Decorative automotive radomes have issues with durability due to condensation buildup inside of the assembly as well as corrosion and discoloration of decorative surfaces. The invention consists of a 2 piece automotive radome having improved durability. Utilizing a semiconductor vacuum coating applied to the back...
    IPCOM000253642D | 2018-Apr-19
  6. 106.
    IPCOM000253641D | 2018-Apr-19
  7. 107.
    IPCOM000253640D | 2018-Apr-18
  8. 108.
    In the recent decade research activities in food preservation using essential oils have been intensified. Essential oils can contain different amounts of biological active compounds, namely terpenes and aromatic compounds, which can possess anti‐microbial and anti‐oxidative properties. These effects can be utilized...
    IPCOM000253639D | 2018-Apr-18
  9. 109.
    A method and system is disclosed for displaying search advertisements (ads) on native content. The method and system provides a platform for advertisers to present ads on properties outside of search engine pages, if and when a user has recently searched for targeted keywords. When the user's search history includes...
    IPCOM000253638D | 2018-Apr-18
  10. 110.
    IPCOM000253637D | 2018-Apr-18