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    IPCOM000253636D | 2018-Apr-18
  2. 112.
    IPCOM000253635D | 2018-Apr-18
  3. 113.
    IPCOM000253634D | 2018-Apr-18
  4. 114.
    In fire alarm systems or security systems while performing service or maintenance operations, it is difficult to obtain information related to all the devices installed at a location. In certain scenarios, the database maintained by installer is different from that of the maintenance company/Engineers. The engineers...
    IPCOM000253633D | 2018-Apr-18
  5. 115.
    The present disclosure describes systems and methods that can determine a context of an audible query based at least in part on a source and/or a source location of the query. More particularly, the present disclosure enables a computing system, and methods for controlling the same, to determine a source location of...
    IPCOM000253632D | 2018-Apr-18
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    Online fundraising platforms (including social media platforms) encourage donors to publicize their donations via social media to increase visibility for the cause being funded. Credit for social donations is generally given only from one level to the next. For example, credit is given to the user who shares the event...
    IPCOM000253631D | 2018-Apr-18
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    This disclosure describes techniques to measure the quality of digital TV signals. Publicly available television broadcasts are received using high-quality reception equipment to obtain an error free training set. Transmission errors such as signal corruption and packet loss are simulated by injecting common faults...
    IPCOM000253630D | 2018-Apr-18
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    Native advertisements are advertisements that closely match the look-and-feel of the publication in which the ads are placed. Native ads are especially popular on mobile platforms, where they are integrated into the editorial feed of the publication. For native ads to provide an integrative user experience, publishers...
    IPCOM000253629D | 2018-Apr-18
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    IPCOM000253628D | 2018-Apr-18
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    IPCOM000253627D | 2018-Apr-17