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  1. 141.
    IPCOM000253606D | 2018-Apr-17
  2. 142.
    A thermoplastic polyether polyurethane with high moisture vapor transmission and high melting point is disclosed. The thermoplastic polyether polyurethane is prepared by reacting a hydroxyl terminated polyether intermediate, an diol as chain extender and an aromatic poly-isocyanate. The resulting polymers can be used...
    IPCOM000253605D | 2018-Apr-16
  3. 143.
    The Enhanced Electrical Coagulation "EEC" reduces the cost & solids waste for treating produced water in oil field steam in-situ oil recovery, recycled water. The process treats the water with use of downstream ion exchange softeners for final softening to desired water quality specifications for use in high pressure...
    IPCOM000253604D | 2018-Apr-16
  4. 144.
    IPCOM000253603D | 2018-Apr-16
  5. 145.
    A typodont used for sales/marketing and/or educational purposes with an internal light source. The internal light source illuminates the teeth and/or installed appliance(s) for the purposes of attracting attention to the typodont and/or appliance(s) in an orthodontic clinic, retail store, or other space. Electrical...
    IPCOM000253602D | 2018-Apr-16
  6. 146.
    IPCOM000253601D | 2018-Apr-16
  7. 147.
    Current day Generalized Multiprotocol Label Switching (GMPLS) Optical Transport Network (OTN) restoration is an end-to-end mechanism with complete end-to-end path creation, tear down, and restoration options. The techniques described herein instead perform a segment based deletion and restoration on top of the...
    IPCOM000253600D | 2018-Apr-16
  8. 148.
    IPCOM000253599D | 2018-Apr-16
  9. 149.
    IPCOM000253598D | 2018-Apr-16
  10. 150.
    IPCOM000253597D | 2018-Apr-16