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  1. 161.
    The disclosure is related to cooling of coils, such as choking coils, and to improving the cooling of coils. The disclosure suggests that hoses for conveying cooling liquid or fluid to and from a choking coil package are replaced with one or more cooling elements. The cooling of the surfaces of the coil(s) and bus...
    IPCOM000253585D | 2018-Apr-13
  2. 162.
    Workholder square stand and table guide rail for supporting an electronic product during testing of the bonds in the product, while allowing the workholder to move in a straight line during product testing operation.
    IPCOM000253584D | 2018-Apr-12
  3. 163.
    A Machine Learning (ML) based image recognition system is provided that improves the readable output from whiteboard sessions. Thus, if a user wishes to draw an electronic circuit board on a whiteboard, after the "electronics" whiteboard template is selected, the system performs better at matching drawings to...
    IPCOM000253583D | 2018-Apr-12
  4. 164.
    Drawing on a digital whiteboard that is paired to a companion online meeting software application enables the whiteboard to push/pull data from the application. A symbol may have an equivalent in the application, meaning that similar symbol elements on the whiteboard and the application share states. As an example, if...
    IPCOM000253581D | 2018-Apr-12
  5. 165.
    This disclosure relates to etoricoxib process
    IPCOM000253580D | 2018-Apr-12
  6. 166.
    The present disclosure describes systems and methods that provide for routing messages among devices located around a physical location without requiring the sender to know the current location of the recipient. More particularly, the present disclosure provides for combining a plurality of devices, such as smart...
    IPCOM000253579D | 2018-Apr-12
  7. 167.
    Automatic speech recognizers (ASR) are now nearly ubiquitous, finding application in smart assistants, smartphones, smart speakers, and other devices. An attack on an ASR that triggers such a device into carrying out false instructions can lead to severe consequences. Typically, speech recognition is performed using...
    IPCOM000253578D | 2018-Apr-12
  8. 168.
    Software is subjected to a large variety of tests on different devices prior to public release, including pre-submit and post-submit tests, that have different scheduling attributes. The number of physical devices available for testing is limited, e.g., due to the devices being unreleased or under development. This...
    IPCOM000253577D | 2018-Apr-12
  9. 169.
    This disclosure describes techniques to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. For example, the techniques can be implemented to measure brand lift generated by an advertising campaign. Advertisements are displayed to a set of users that form a treatment group and are selectively withheld from another set...
    IPCOM000253576D | 2018-Apr-12
  10. 170.
    The techniques of this disclosure temporarily disable biometric recognition in a device to prevent unlocking of the device. The user registers one or more specific facial expressions as donot-unlock expressions. If the facial recognition tool recognizes a registered do-not-unlock facial expression, then unlocking of...
    IPCOM000253575D | 2018-Apr-12