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    IPCOM000253739D | 2018-Apr-27
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    ETL essentially involves movement of data from one input source to another incorporating transformation based on business requirements. These transformations are composed of various granular operations like cleaning, filtering, joining, aggregation, etc. Our proposed framework abstracts these granular operations as...
    IPCOM000253738D | 2018-Apr-27
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    An optical sheet positioned at the non-LED end of an end-illuminated light string includes optical features that reflect light rays back into the light string, at a selected angle, to increase the average brightness of the light string. The optical sheet can include prismatic optical features to enable reflection of...
    IPCOM000253737D | 2018-Apr-27
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    A consolidated layer, comprising, a thermoplastic resin, carbon fibers, aramid fibers, a veil formed by a papermaking process, the veil comprising at least one of the carbon fibers and the aramid fibers, wherein the consolidated layer is a single layer having a thickness of less than or equal to 150 micrometers.
    IPCOM000253736D | 2018-Apr-27
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    Producing Anti-Fog Ophthalmic Parts with Cellulose Acetate Propionate ABSTRACT Described is a treatment for cellulose acetate propionate (CAP) to impart anti-fog properties for optical applications, such as face shields and lenses for safety glasses. The treatment results in saponification of the CAP surface and can...
    IPCOM000253735D | 2018-Apr-27
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    A method is provided herein to automatically establish debug sessions whereby the local debugger is connected to a remote Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) process. Debug sessions are only created when the FaaS process is part of the correct processing chain.
    IPCOM000253734D | 2018-Apr-27
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    IPCOM000253733D | 2018-Apr-27
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    IPCOM000253732D | 2018-Apr-27
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    IPCOM000253731D | 2018-Apr-27
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    Using engine stop-start logic for expander start in a waste heat recovery system The present disclosure relates to a waste heat recovery system (1) arranged to temporarily stop a combustion engine (2) in a start-up sequence of the waste heat recovery system (1). When the combustion engine (2) stops, a crankshaft (25)...
    IPCOM000253730D | 2018-Apr-27