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  1. 211.
    Video calls, video conferences, and similar real-time communications between devices display users and other subject matter to other users participating in the communication in a user interface. This disclosure describes techniques in which display of particular video content can be emphasized in the user interface...
    IPCOM000253533D | 2018-Apr-09
  2. 212.
    IPCOM000253532D | 2018-Apr-09
  3. 213.
    A machine-learning based mechanism is provided to dynamically generate/recommend security policies for third party containers. The classification engine entity sits in the development pipeline that classifies containers based on a series of container attributes, behavior, and any prior knowledge of the application...
    IPCOM000253531D | 2018-Apr-06
  4. 214.
    IPCOM000253530D | 2018-Apr-06
  5. 215.
    A flexible fulfillment system is provided that can realize developer instigated requests for computational outcomes in a serverless, lambda style environment, based upon specified policy. Applications are bind to the best-fit functions at run-time depending on the live running context. The overall system allows for a...
    IPCOM000253529D | 2018-Apr-06
  6. 216.
    IPCOM000253528D | 2018-Apr-06
  7. 217.
    A network service token and a new format of a smart contract are provided to enable peer-to-peer trading of network resources. This solution involves tokenizing bandwidth, changing from a long-term bandwidth subscription to a flexible bandwidth token exchange. This will result in a new Internet Service Provider...
    IPCOM000253527D | 2018-Apr-06
  8. 218.
    IPCOM000253526D | 2018-Apr-06
  9. 219.
    IPCOM000253525D | 2018-Apr-06
  10. 220.
    Recent years have seen a proliferation of systems designed to respond to voice, e.g., smart speakers, smartphones, and other voice-activated devices. Such systems are convenient and intuitive to use. However, they also open the possibility for malicious actors to gain control of sensitive information through...
    IPCOM000253524D | 2018-Apr-06