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  1. 221.
    This disclosure describes the integration of a digital voice assistant application with a vehicular hands-free (e.g., Bluetooth) calling system. A user pairs their mobile device, e.g., smartphone, tablet, etc., with a vehicular hands-free system to facilitate hands-free calling. The dialing of a designated number...
    IPCOM000253523D | 2018-Apr-06
  2. 222.
    Some heating, ventilation, and air condition (HVAC) systems produce a significant amount of noise. Such systems can have a fan that is active when heating or air conditioning is occurring to circulate air. Noise generated by such a fan can be disruptive, especially if one or more nearby persons are participating in a...
    IPCOM000253522D | 2018-Apr-06
  3. 223.
    This disclosure describes a blockchain based rating and review platform for web content. The platform provides a distributed and open access framework for ratings and reviews. With user permission, data corresponding to the rating, review, evaluation, etc., of an item (article, picture, sound clip, etc.) of web...
    IPCOM000253521D | 2018-Apr-06
  4. 224.
    This disclosure describes use of machine learning and natural language processing techniques to assist users in reviewing terms and conditions (T&C), e.g., provided by online product and service providers. A database of T&C is created and indexed according to factors such as country, industry, application, etc. The...
    IPCOM000253520D | 2018-Apr-06
  5. 225.
    This disclosure describes automatic translation and transcription of foreign language voicemails into a language of a user's choice. Language detection, translation, and transcription techniques are employed to generate the text transcript in the preferred language. The user is provided a text transcript of voicemail...
    IPCOM000253519D | 2018-Apr-06
  6. 226.
    IPCOM000253518D | 2018-Apr-06
  7. 227.
    IPCOM000253517D | 2018-Apr-06
  8. 228.
    IPCOM000253516D | 2018-Apr-06
  9. 229.
    All industrial networking electronics equipment and electronic equipment in general, referred to in this document as "the product," rely on either the evacuation of their internal hot air with the use of electric fans, or the use of excessive and massive sized heatsinks to keep their internal components within...
    IPCOM000253515D | 2018-Apr-05
  10. 230.
    Techniques are provided to exploit image recognition together with white boarding software in a collaboration system to assist in workflows requiring surveys of team members.
    IPCOM000253514D | 2018-Apr-05