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  1. 231.
    A set of innovations are presented to compress a wide range of image types (including natural video, graphical user interface and personal computer application windows) to 2.5x less bandwidth than 24-bit input, and (if desired) much less for many types of man-made content using algorithms that can run quickly on...
    IPCOM000253513D | 2018-Apr-05
  2. 232.
    IPCOM000253512D | 2018-Apr-05
  3. 233.
    IPCOM000253511D | 2018-Apr-05
  4. 234.
    IPCOM000253510D | 2018-Apr-05
  5. 235.
    Disclosed is a method to perform fast pattern classification of integrated circuits (IC) to obtain the highest coverage patterns using a novel sampling algorithm using marker clustering.
    IPCOM000253509D | 2018-Apr-05
  6. 236.
    Disclosed is a set of measurement structures for Fin pitch walking gauge combined with an e-beam measurement technique to enable data readout in high accuracy. This solution includes new data analyzing steps to decompose the Fin pitch walk elements.
    IPCOM000253508D | 2018-Apr-05
  7. 237.
    Upon detecting user context to communicate with a contact, an operating system speculatively launches communication applications that serve as communication channels between the user and the contact. With user permission, the availability of the contact on each of the communication channels is displayed along with the...
    IPCOM000253507D | 2018-Apr-05
  8. 238.
    This disclosure describes techniques to incentivize higher quality in tasks performed by users as part of goal based advertising. Machine learning techniques are utilized to determine a quality score for tasks completed by users. Tasks are assigned in parallel to multiple users based on the quality score. The quality...
    IPCOM000253506D | 2018-Apr-05
  9. 239.
    A secondary alarm limit, in addition to an existing (primary) alarm limit in patient monitoring systems is provided. The secondary alarm limit can be configured to correspond to patient critical parameter values by a clinician, and corresponding alarm can be set at high volumes, which would immediately draw attention...
    IPCOM000253504D | 2018-Apr-05
  10. 240.
    IPCOM000253503D | 2018-Apr-05