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  1. 241.
    IPCOM000253502D | 2018-Apr-04
  2. 242.
    IPCOM000253501D | 2018-Apr-04
  3. 243.
    A scoring system is provided that evaluates the efficiency and attractiveness of a collaboration tool for a given user, in relation to other tools, other users, and topics. This allows users to be advised as to which tool to use to best interact with another user, and also allows companies to evaluate which tools are...
    IPCOM000253500D | 2018-Apr-04
  4. 244.
    IPCOM000253499D | 2018-Apr-04
  5. 245.
    Techniques are provided to simplify software licensing and enhance end user experience. When devices (product instances) upgrade to an image that supports smart licensing including the smart agent and register with the smart software manager for the first time, licenses on these devices are automatically converted...
    IPCOM000253498D | 2018-Apr-04
  6. 246.
    Disclosed is a solution to fix 14nm TS-PC related reliability issues. The solution includes a process flow at post PG W chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) with extra gate recess by Wet to clean PG CMP metal residue.
    IPCOM000253497D | 2018-Apr-04
  7. 247.
    Disclosed is a method to reduce mandrel cut-induced line-edge roughness (LER) and resistance by using a process integration scheme to enable increased Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) oxide coating protection in mandrel cut locations.
    IPCOM000253496D | 2018-Apr-04
  8. 248.
    The present solution relates to a vehicle emergency system and a method of handling a vehicle emergency situation. The emergency system comprises an emergency switch. The emergency system is configured to, upon activation of the emergency switch, detect a presence or absence of driving operations, and in case no...
    IPCOM000253495D | 2018-Apr-04
  9. 249.
    Native advertisements are advertisements that closely match the look-and-feel of the publication in which the ads are placed and are an important category of online advertisements. It is important for a publisher to determine whether a given native ad is of high quality and adheres to a stylebook for the publication....
    IPCOM000253494D | 2018-Apr-04
  10. 250.
    Die Erfindung betrifft ein generatives Verfahren zur Herstellung von dreidimensionalen Formkörpern, welches dadurch gekennzeichnet ist, dass der Formkörper schrittweise aufgebaut wird, indem das strukturbildende Material in flüssiger Form ortsspezifisch ausgebracht wird, wobei zusätzlich ein zweites Material als...
    IPCOM000253490D | 2018-Apr-04