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    Techniques are described herein for providing containers on endpoints as a means to fully quarantine and analyze potential malware (documents/files and applications) as they are opened on the host. These containers provide protection against zero-day exploits, as well as offer a means to study malware as it attempts...
    IPCOM000253707D | 2018-Apr-25
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    IPCOM000253706D | 2018-Apr-25
  3. 43.
    IPCOM000253705D | 2018-Apr-25
  4. 44.
    IPCOM000253704D | 2018-Apr-25
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    IPCOM000253703D | 2018-Apr-25
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    IPCOM000253702D | 2018-Apr-24
  7. 47.
    IPCOM000253701D | 2018-Apr-24
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    A mechanism is described herein to dynamically and individually adjust the Power Outage Notification (PON) transmission strategy based on energy status, network schedule status, and network density in a Connected Grid Mesh (CG-MESH) network. A device may select an asynchronous transmission or a synchronous...
    IPCOM000253700D | 2018-Apr-24
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    Techniques are described herein for generating firmware patches that can be applied by resource restricted Internet of Things (IoT) devices with little memory. This allows a Field Network Director (FND) or Network Management System (NMS) to transmit the small patches to Connected Grid (CG) - mesh nodes, thereby saving...
    IPCOM000253699D | 2018-Apr-24
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    IPCOM000253698D | 2018-Apr-24