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    IPCOM000253677D | 2018-Apr-23
  2. 72.
    IPCOM000253676D | 2018-Apr-23
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    IPCOM000253675D | 2018-Apr-23
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    User-generated content, e.g., documents, media, etc. is often created and shared over online document creation and file-hosting services. One technique to restrict access to shared documents is to specify a list of individuals with whom a document is to be shared. Current services do not address the scenario, frequent...
    IPCOM000253674D | 2018-Apr-23
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    This disclosure provides techniques that enable elastic computing service providers to optimize allocation of computing resources across multiple tiers of service level objectives, while allowing for periods of oversubscription to be met by cross-tier movement of resources. Further, the techniques enable providers of...
    IPCOM000253673D | 2018-Apr-23
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    The present disclosure describes systems and methods that provide for dynamically adapting the display of content based on the content and/or the environment context. More particularly, the present disclosure provides for adjusting the parameters of a display device based on the content being displayed and the context...
    IPCOM000253672D | 2018-Apr-23
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    IPCOM000253671D | 2018-Apr-23
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    IPCOM000253670D | 2018-Apr-23
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    IPCOM000253669D | 2018-Apr-23
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    IPCOM000253668D | 2018-Apr-23