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    IPCOM000253666D | 2018-Apr-23
  2. 82.
    IPCOM000253665D | 2018-Apr-22
  3. 83.
    IPCOM000253664D | 2018-Apr-22
  4. 84.
    IPCOM000253663D | 2018-Apr-22
  5. 85.
    IPCOM000253662D | 2018-Apr-22
  6. 86.
    The present disclosure is directed to crystalline canagliflozin Form JM-I, which is a hemihydrate; a pharmaceutical composition comprising Form JM-I; its method of use for treating a patient; and process for its preparation.
    IPCOM000253661D | 2018-Apr-20
  7. 87.
    Reported herein are the nail lacquer compositions of acitretin, process for the preparation of the nail lacquer compositions of acitretin and its use for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the nails by applying said nail lacquer compositions of acitretin.
    IPCOM000253660D | 2018-Apr-20
  8. 88.
    The techniques described herein enable a user to view a map in a natural and intuitive way. Objects in an Augmented Reality (AR) map in the sky are rendered one-to-one with the size of objects in the real-world. The map is strongly connected to the real-world such that the user may look up the map conveniently and see...
    IPCOM000253659D | 2018-Apr-20
  9. 89.
    An Artificial Intelligence (AI) based technique to analyze X-Ray scans to identify or infer whether markers for pneumothorax are present, and severity thereof, in an X-Ray study is provided. Based on the presence and severity of the markers present in the X-Ray scans, as determined by the AI engine, a prioritized...
    IPCOM000253658D | 2018-Apr-20
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    Techniques for generating a single color-coded CT scan showing data from 101 images, each at different energy X-ray levels, is provided. Specifically, the user specifies ranges of the X-ray spectrum to be mapped and displayed in the human light spectrum. Humans have proteins in the eye that allow the person to see...
    IPCOM000253657D | 2018-Apr-20