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    IPCOM000254454D | 2018-Jun-29
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    IPCOM000254453D | 2018-Jun-29
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    IPCOM000254452D | 2018-Jun-29
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    IPCOM000254451D | 2018-Jun-29
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    Add the bismuth alloy above a liner top packer to melt it in case of a failed test. The bismuth should fall into gaps, rough patches, oval sections etc and help the packing element seal. This remedial option would likely be much cheaper than current remedial options.
    IPCOM000254450D | 2018-Jun-28
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    A Consistent Viscoelastic Foam Viscoelastic (memory) foams are widely used in bedding and furniture as well as in consumer goods (such as foam pads in footwear) because they can adapt to human body profile for better pressure relief and better support.
    IPCOM000254449D | 2018-Jun-28
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    In the production of touch panel assemblies, large-scale manufacturers use capital-intensive spray coating machines to apply Anti-Smudge (AS) coatings whereas small-scale manufacturers use a wiping application method for AS coatings. This paper describes an easy handling and measurement tool, which makes it possible...
    IPCOM000254448D | 2018-Jun-28
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    A Frac sleeve design to accommodate the ability to modularly change out components that will enable a tailored volume of trapped fluid to be used for degradable frac balls and thereby create a better environment for milling operations This would be accomplished by adapting the current design of a sleeve to enable...
    IPCOM000254446D | 2018-Jun-28
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    Nombres de critères de paramétrage d'un dispositif GPS existent. Citons pour mémoire certains des plus couramment utilisés ou offerts à l'usage : autoriser la sortie du territoire, éviter les péages, itinéraire le plus rapide, itinéraire le plus économique… Lorsque la requête est lancée, le dispositif GPS retourne un...
    IPCOM000254445D | 2018-Jun-28
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    A breast support extension device adaptable to a breast patient's morphology in addition to the principal breast support during biopsy procedure is disclosed. The breast support extension device is made of any polymer or other suitable material and is plugged into the principal breast support to adapt to a patient's...
    IPCOM000254444D | 2018-Jun-28