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    The invention discloses devices and methods for placement of phantoms for calibration during MR scanning. A semi reflective and a full reflective mirror are positioned at specific angles are used. The semi reflective mirror distributes the laser to two light paths, one transmitted and the other reflected. The...
    IPCOM000254443D | 2018-Jun-28
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    The invention discloses devices and methods that reduce anxiety in patients while maintaining hearing safety during MR scanning. An audio driver device for use with MR imaging for providing audio via bone conduction is disclosed. The method includes providing the patient with bone conduction headphones that have low...
    IPCOM000254442D | 2018-Jun-28
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    The invention discloses a controller device and method to reduce amplifier IGBT module power loss in MR imaging by adjusting gradient power supply (PS) output voltage to a lower value in certain intervals of the protocol's cycle. Simultaneously, the protocol's slew rate is adjusted low also to avoid current distortion...
    IPCOM000254441D | 2018-Jun-28
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    IPCOM000254440D | 2018-Jun-27
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    IPCOM000254439D | 2018-Jun-27
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    Once the baling is completed, it is necessary to wrap the bales in a plastic film. This wrapping ensures the cleanliness in the bales and makes them easy to transport as it prevents any tangling between the straws of the adjacent bales. This concept focuses on ensuring that plastic film has been coated around the bale.
    IPCOM000254438D | 2018-Jun-27
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    8-Hydroxy-2,2,14,14-tetramethylpentadecanedioic acid, developed by Esperion Therapeutics for the treatment of hypercholesterolemia, hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis, inhibits the ATP citrate lyase (ACL) enzyme, thus inhibits cholesterol synthesis, and reduces LDL-C levels. The chemical synthesis of the title...
    IPCOM000254434D | 2018-Jun-27
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    TECH+Ball is A Sport Game & the official game ball product that is optionally power by electricity , solar energy , or nanotechnology . All Scores & Catches Are Synchronized to data storage to Technology Products of four (4) different Designs of branded Developing product goods . Product one (1) exemplifies as Hand...
    IPCOM000254433D | 2018-Jun-27
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    It is herein proposed to introduce an improved hill hold function (i.e. automatic braking function) that prevents a vehicle from rolling in the wrong (or unintended) direction in situations when propulsion power is activated but inhibited e.g. due to gear shift, combustion engine start, engine degradation or other...
    IPCOM000254432D | 2018-Jun-27
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    Consistent database backups may be created by cloning a virtual machine, gracefully stopping processes on the clone, and taking a snapshot of the clone in a consistent, clean state. Introduction Creating consistent database backups can be quite difficult. For example, creating such backups typically requires database...
    IPCOM000254431D | 2018-Jun-27