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    In the currently available form, integrating a Universal Serial Bus Type C (USB-C) receptacle into a device affects the device thickness and forces the device to have large display borders. This disclosure enables provision of a USB-C receptacle in a thin profile device underneath a display stack. The techniques, as...
    IPCOM000254430D | 2018-Jun-27
  2. 32.
    This disclosure describes a multi-functional smartwatch crown that an improved navigation experience, e.g., for a smartwatch. The crown is designed to rotate about an axis as a rotating side button that is mapped to some smartwatch navigation actions. The crown can also be pushed in and out as a button for other...
    IPCOM000254429D | 2018-Jun-27
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    Certain techniques for testing for the presence of malicious code within executables are based on the observation that system calls (syscalls) are a main pathway for exploits. The problem of generating a graph of syscalls of an executable is thus of importance in computer security. The present disclosure describes the...
    IPCOM000254428D | 2018-Jun-27
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    One technique of improving computer security is to test an executable for presence of malicious code without running the executable. The present disclosure enables such detection of malicious code by leveraging the observation that system calls (syscalls) are a main pathway for exploits, since syscalls are an...
    IPCOM000254427D | 2018-Jun-27
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    IPCOM000254426D | 2018-Jun-27
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    IPCOM000254425D | 2018-Jun-27
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    IPCOM000254424D | 2018-Jun-27
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    IPCOM000254423D | 2018-Jun-27
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    IPCOM000254422D | 2018-Jun-27
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    IPCOM000254421D | 2018-Jun-27