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Month of June 2018 - Page Number 6

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    IPCOM000254410D | 2018-Jun-26
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    IPCOM000254409D | 2018-Jun-26
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    IPCOM000254406D | 2018-Jun-26
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    IPCOM000254405D | 2018-Jun-26
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    IPCOM000254404D | 2018-Jun-26
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    IPCOM000254403D | 2018-Jun-26
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    IPCOM000254402D | 2018-Jun-26
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    IPCOM000254401D | 2018-Jun-25
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    Add bismuth particles to a gravel pack during initial completion of well. If water starts to produce in one area of well then run the BiSN heater to this area and melt the bismuth beads to seal gravel pack in localized area sealing out water intrusion into the production tubing.
    IPCOM000254400D | 2018-Jun-25
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    The proposed invention is a SCSSV that utilizes an electric resistance heater to cause thermal expansion of a bi-metallic strip that would open the flapper of an SCSSV. The proposed invention would be extremely cost effective as it would eliminate all components of the SCSSV except for the closure mechanism....
    IPCOM000254399D | 2018-Jun-25