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    IPCOM000254398D | 2018-Jun-25
  2. 62.
    IPCOM000254397D | 2018-Jun-25
  3. 63.
    Current expandable seals used in liner hangers have a form of travel limiter to prevent the seal from boosting and cracking. This travel limiter typically takes the form of Stop Rings that are machined separately and held to the seal body before the elastomer encloses it. The advent of additive manufacturing allows...
    IPCOM000254396D | 2018-Jun-25
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    To generate electric power downhole with the Venturi effect by using the flow of borehole fluids past an impeller or turbine device held in a dual-bore style tubular joint. The impeller or turbine would spin magnets within a coil of wire that would create electric power to operate sensors or other electric devices...
    IPCOM000254395D | 2018-Jun-25
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    There has been difficulty getting primary Stainless Steel setting balls to seat in extended reach and high deviation wells. Current low specific gravity balls aren't an option due to limited bearing area with the primary ball seat and the possibility of extruding it through. They have also been shown to erode when...
    IPCOM000254394D | 2018-Jun-25
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    The present disclosure relates to analyzing and debugging Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) services over a Packet Switched Network (PSN) via integrated test capabilities. TDM services such as T1/E1, T3/E3 and SDH/SONET are widely deployed in Mobile backhaul (MBH) using TDM-Over-Packet (TDMoP) techniques. The...
    IPCOM000254393D | 2018-Jun-25
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    This publication describes a wax impregnation for wind blades. The wax reduces the surface energy of the substrate so that adhesion of ice and snow is reduced. The wax is a non-toxic material so that the environment is not affected by the material which has been removed from the surface.
    IPCOM000254392D | 2018-Jun-25
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    The present disclosure relates to bandwidth calendaring with capacity verification through a replay of committed schedule instances. This disclosure describes support for bandwidth calendaring without having to maintain a time-based inventory of all of the consumed/available resources (port/node/link bandwidth and...
    IPCOM000254391D | 2018-Jun-25
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    This article describes a "snail trail" simulation method which not only simulates very well the dark "snail trail" traces found in full-size photovoltaic (PV) solar modules in an outdoor setting, but also accelerates snail trail generation to shorten study time.
    IPCOM000254390D | 2018-Jun-25
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    This publication describes the use of a coating for concrete formworks to eliminate the need for form oils. Form oils are used to enable convenient removal of concrete from the formwork after hardening. Unfortunately, these form oils often result in undesired staining on visible concrete parts and result in excessive...
    IPCOM000254389D | 2018-Jun-25