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  1. 71.
    Yaw cable abrasion is a common problem in wind turbines. This disclosure provides a test device to accelerate anti-abrasion tape performance evaluation.
    IPCOM000254388D | 2018-Jun-25
  2. 72.
    This publication describes the use of on-axis lighting with associated camera to perform measurements, inspect, align and detect splices in various assembly steps when using light redirecting and recycling films for solar panels.
    IPCOM000254387D | 2018-Jun-25
  3. 73.
    A method (process) is described which allows fine-tuning of the initial adhesion (tack) of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes or films under wet conditions. The method uses a primer on the surface to be bonded to, a particular surface morphology (generated by grinding), and an application fluid. Control of initial...
    IPCOM000254386D | 2018-Jun-25
  4. 74.
    Cutting solar cells into smaller parts has been used to reduce I2R loss, thereby increasing cell/module efficiency. However, this adds complexity to the module assembly process. In this publication, segmentation of the cells without physically cutting the cells is demonstrated by using laser drilled holes filled with...
    IPCOM000254385D | 2018-Jun-25
  5. 75.
    This publication describes the discovery that self-stick acrylic foam tapes (AFTs) perform significantly better in shear and peel than expected to the tin side of soda lime float glass without the use of a hydrolyzed silane primer during damp heat accelerated environmental exposure (85°C/85% relative humidity).
    IPCOM000254384D | 2018-Jun-25
  6. 76.
    IPCOM000254383D | 2018-Jun-25
  7. 77.
    The invention relates to a method for automatically warning the MRI or PET/MRI scanner operator about the occurrence of any patient motion, within a given interval of the scanning session. Due to the differences in duration of PET and MRI image acquisitions, any patient motion in between can lead to misalignment...
    IPCOM000254382D | 2018-Jun-25
  8. 78.
    The invention discloses devices and methods for identifying the scanning position of the patient in MRI scanners, using optical recognition technology (OCR). The device is a pen like device, comprising an optical camera/identifier, a microcontroller unit and optic fibre transmission equipment. The landmark...
    IPCOM000254381D | 2018-Jun-25
  9. 79.
    IPCOM000254380D | 2018-Jun-25
  10. 80.
    IPCOM000254379D | 2018-Jun-25